A Posture Makeover

Learn the tools to gain lifetime results!

Your posture is the result of unconscious acquired habits that might not serve you anymore. How do you know that you need to work on your posture? If you slouch, have neck,shoulder, back, hip pain, imbalances, scoliosis, sit or stand for long periods of time. In this course you will gain the knowledge and tools to avoid long term damage and stand in your power!

A full course addressing posture from toe to head and beyond

Launching May 17 at 6 pm PST


No prior fitness knowledge needed.

Who is this course for?

For anyone who wants to improve posture, build strength, reduce stiffness in the spine and alleviate pain.

What's Included

  • 3 live zoom sessions May 17, 24 & 31 at 6pm PST (recording available afterwards)

  • How to Stand in your Power

  • How to Alleviate or Get Rid of Pain

  • How to Walk Using the Muscles rather than the Joints

  • How to Breathe Better and Increase Lung Capacity

  • How to Increase Rib Cage Mobility and Upper Back Strength

  • Neck relief including "Text Neck" and "Forward Head"

  • How to Take Care of Flat Feet, Pronation, Bunions, Neuromas, and Hammer toes

  • Lifetime Access to all the Pre-Recorded Sessions

"Natalie creates a sense of personal safety in the class and with each individual. Her abundance of experience is apparent and her extensive knowledge informs every cue and movement that she takes the class through. Natalie’s commitment to inclusivity and safety is evident in the way she speaks about the differences in bodies and movement limitations. She offers modification options for every pose or movement and uses her keen observation to tailor her cuing to the specific needs of the students in the class."  ~ Phaedra H.

About Your Instructor

Natalie Stawsky, ERYT, C-IAYT

"I used to suffer from chronic lower back pain. In search of relief, I developed a dedicated yoga practice which helped me deeply heal my body. This personal restoration was life-changing and inspired me to devote my life to teaching yoga."

Natalie has spent over two decades making yoga accessible to all, and to this end, she has brought yoga to various underserved populations. She has taught in various settings, from private and studio classes to shelters, schools, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and churches. Her specialties include pre and post-natal yoga, children’s yoga, pelvic floor work, and posture and gait alignment. She also focuses on helping individuals living with autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, scoliosis, and PTSD. Her approach to teaching stems from consideration of the unique needs of each individual. 

Read more about Natalie here

"Many years and several hundreds of dollars of chiropractic care brought temporary relief, but my lower back and sciatic pain were not resolved. Natalie gave me exercises and the knowledge that allowed me to retrain and repatterned my body."  ~ Susan M.

Pricing options

1:1 Sessions with Natalie

Maximize your learning experience by upgrading your enrollment to include a 1:1 session with Natalie. In combination with the pre-recorded sessions and live Zoom sessions, you will be able to directly apply the material to your unique needs.

"As a skilled yoga therapist, Natalie Stawsky has helped me correct my posture and how I practice yoga. I went to see her for a chronic injury I couldn’t seem to heal. I had seen a physical therapist who gave me exercises, but Natalie got to the root of my problem, which was my posture and how I walk. With her invaluable expertise I have slowly been correcting it."  ~ Louise M.